2006 Pipistrel Sinus 912

Listed 9th April 2021

Price: €69,000 – VAT Paid

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Plane specific features

  • Rotax 912 ULS
  • Variable pitch and featherable prop
  • MGL Oddessy 10” Glass (Navigation, engine, flight gauge instruments all on one system)
  • ATR 500 Radio and intercom
  • ATC Transponder
  • Analog gauges include air speed, volts, oil pressure, fuel pressure, vario with glide computer
  • Ballistic parachute system (Brings the whole plane down)
  • Tie down system
  • TE Probe on tail
  • Air brakes
  • Lightweight carbon fibre fuselage
  • Wheel covers
  • 15M wingspan
  • Custom carbon fibre panel 
  • DV panel in door
  • In flight adjustable rudder pedals
  • 12v outlet (2x)
  •  Large panel (Comes with small panel as well)
  • Compass 
  • Rear luggage compartment in carbon fibre
  • Blue seats with black harnesses
  • Dual flight controls
  • 980 Engine hours

Extras Include

  • 2x Propellers (New)
  • Fully fitted plane cover for wings, fuselage and tail. Allows moisture out and not in. Purchased from Pipistrel
  • 2 x Carb Rebuild kits
  • Plug and play fuel pump, no need to fill via wings
  • Wing stands – if needing to store the plane in small area

Why as Sinus?

  • Best fuel efficiency and best range – less than 10L per hour of regular unleaded
  • Short field performance – take off and land in less than 100M
  • Excellent gliding performance – 15M wings, 1:28 glide ratio
  • Safety – Entire cockpit is a safety zone made of kevlar fibre. This model is also equipped with the ballistic parachute rescue system.
  • Worlds best – The sinus is best in class, hands down, the sinus holds a multitude of world records, including the first light aircraft to every fly around the world.
  • Removable wings – You can remove/fit the wings within 15 minutes, really.
This plane, EI-DZF performing in the Bray air show flown by Gerry Humphries in 2011